Life can Be So Beautiful - text

12. července 2007 v 14:09 | A.K.Angel |  La Patata
Life Can Be So Beautiful
I don't wannt to waste all this time
I just wannt to start living for real
I don't wannt to waste all my time,
Being locked up in my own little movie
Part of me wants to stay a child
The other is saying, Angelo you better grow up quick,
For God has given you a baby boy,
And he wants you to try and be a good father
Life can be so beautiful
It depends what you make of it all
I believe that life can be so wonderful
As long as I try to treat everyday like my last
I think I'm not thanking God enough
For all the great presents I've received in my life,
Especially for my beautiful and loving wife
Oh Kira, I think without you I would never have made it
Life can be so beautiful...
And I'll never ever trade with something else in this world

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